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Stretched Greeting Card

Stretched Greeting Card

Jill Fitz Hirschbold is a local West Coast published photographer and is the owner of Side Street Studio.

Her images are available as prints, framed work, on canvas, metal and custom wood and glass pieces.

Her extensive catalog of West Coast, Abstract, Architectural and Event photography can be found at:

Jill is completely self-taught and has imposed set of restrictions on her work.  She saturates the colour, intensifies the contrast, crop and/or changes the orientation of a photograph.  She does not add any element to an image that does not already exist.

 Her pieces have made their way to England, China and the US and many private residences in Western Canada.  She has volunteered her photography skills to Raincoast Conservation, Greenpeace Canada, FraserFEST and Watershed Watch, many community events and donated works to the Banff Mid-Summers Ball 2014/15/16/17/18/19, CNIB Art Appeal 2015/17, Heart for Hospice 2015, VGH/UBD Night of 1000 Stars Gala 2015 and YWCA Woman of Distinction Awards 2016/17/18. 

A wholesale option for greeting cards is available with an online catalog.

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