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Sterling silver forged hoop earrings, 2 inch diameter

Sterling silver forged hoop earrings, 2 inch diameter

Beautiful Sterling Silver Forged Hoop earrings; hand made on Saltspring Island.  

2 inch diameter.


Silver is a highly malleable metal with a brilliant white metallic lustre that can take a high degree of polishing. This has led to its huge popularity in jewelry where it is combined with copper to make it more durable. This alloy has been known as sterling silver since the 13th century. The minimum fineness of silver allowable in sterling silver is 92.5% which gives rise to the term 925. However most jewelry today uses the ration 97.5% silver to 2.5 % copper.

Since ancient times, silver has been closely associated with the moon and lunar influences.


Diana the Roman goddess of the moon hunted with a silver bow.

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