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Sterling silver and black enamel earrings

Sterling silver and black enamel earrings

 A fabulous new range from young, dynamic artist:Patsy Kay Kolesar

Patsy uses a process of silk-screening to get the detailed patterns onto her pieces with enamels.  Silk screening is usually a technique used in textile work and it has taken her great patience, practice, and time to perfect in metal work.  

This lovely and unique piece is of sterling silver with a beautiful black enamel design.The clasp is of sterling silver.

 The sterling chain measures 18 inches and the piece is ~ 3/4 inch in length.

Hand made in Vancouver B.C.



 Enamel is glass fused to metal.  It is delicate yet durable.  Please take good care of it to maintain its longevity.  Store it by itself tucked in a plastic bag or jewelry bag and don’t put other metal on top of it.  Never throw it in your purse or leave it in a pile of jewelry.  The silver will tarnish, but if you keep it sealed in a plastic bag when you are not wearing it this will slow down the oxidizing process a lot. 




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