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Small Red Raku Starfish on a Jordon River Rock

Small Red Raku Starfish on a Jordon River Rock


Beautiful Raku starfish on a Jordan River rock. True West Coast!

The Jordan River flows into the Pacific Ocean on Vancouver Islands West Coast. The rock is a very distinctive sedimentary rock with definite bands of rock in lovely colours.

Size ~  Starfish measures 1 1/2 inches. Made in B.C.


Raku is an ancient type of Japanese firing dating back to the 16th century. Beautiful iridescent blues, violets, copper and crackle glazes are produced on either wheel thrown or sculptural pottery. The pottery is fired to 1800° and then "reduced" in a chamber which catches fire immediately. The fire uses up all the oxygen in both glaze and chamber, thus producing one of a kind results.

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Category: Ed Oldfield, Jordon River Rock, Raku, Starfish

Type: Pottery

Artist Collection: Ed Oldfield

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