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Seaweed Basket 12 x 4 inches

Seaweed Basket 12 x 4 inches

Grant utilize mostly bull, brown, and walking kelp, with sea palm and other species when available. he adds dulse from Atlantic beaches when travel permits, and he never takes living plants, or those still attached to their holdfasts at the seabed.

His products should be kept dry to retain their form, but can from time to time be safely washed by fast immersion in a warm water bath, if then immediately allowed, on a warm or hot day, to sun and wind dry. The earliest pieces are now 30 years' strong.

Each item is hand made by Grant Warrington, Victoria, B.C,

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Category: Baskets, Grant Warrington, Seaweed

Type: Seaweed Baskets

Artist Collection: Grant Warrington

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