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Sarah Mulligan Memorial Vessel Collection

Sarah Mulligan Memorial Vessel Collection

A beautiful memorial vessel with tree design and USB light to illuminate the hand blown by Sarah Mulligan.The metalic images have been fused to the surface of the glass in a hot kiln.

Measurement included with item details - inches at widest point

Sarah’s body of work is comprised of both blown and fused glass, which both display elements of simple design, attention to detail, and exhibit an affinity of the natural world. 

Your new art glass has been treated with armor-all to give the surface its lustre finish. If dull, reapply with a soft cloth in circular motions. The USD light inside the lid can be turned on with a twist. It is rechargable. To remove light portion from lid, gently pull while portion away from the cork and charge in a USD port until the light turns green.

Sarah lives in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

Care: Hand wash only



Category: glass, Glass Vases, vase

Type: Glass

Artist Collection: Sarah Mulligan Glass

SKU: 586-MV-078

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