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Salmon Design Ceramic Sharpening Stone

Salmon Design Ceramic Sharpening Stone

A lovely addition to a kitchen. To sharpen knives, push blade forward or rub in a circular motion at an angle of 22.5 degrees to stone. If blade is extremely dull it must be sharpened with a coarse stone or grinder and then use the fine grained stone for the final honing and to keep the blade sharp. When the stone become clogged with metal particles it can be cleaned with water and a dish scrubber. If the stone wears unevenly it can be reflattened by rubbing it on sandpaper placed on a flat surface.

Length 8 inches by width 1 inches. Made in B.C.

Each piece is hand made and may vary in size, shape and colours.

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Category: Jack Olive Pottery

Type: Pottery

Artist Collection: Jack Olive Pottery

SKU: 291-30

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