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Saggar Fired Lidded Decorative Pot

Saggar Fired Lidded Decorative Pot

6 x 6 inches

Saggar firing was originally developed to protect wares from ash-slagging and flame-flashing in wood firings, but in contemporary use, with clean-burning gas firings, the process is used in exactly the opposite way: to contain fumes around a pot so that the pot to picks up color from the fumes.

Saggar Firing

With saggars stacked in the kiln, the firing begins with a soft flame for the first hour, gradually increasing the temperature to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit over the next 4-8 hours. At this point, the burners are shut off, the openings are plugged, and the kiln remains undisturbed for 18-20 hours.

Measures - 5 1/4w x 5 1/2h inches (top of handle) 

Like raku, these pots are not watertight and should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Handmade by Jane Murray-Smith, Lantzville, BC

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Category: Dragonfly Pottery, Horsehair and Feather Pottery, Jane Murray-Smith, pottery, vases

Type: Unknown Type

Artist Collection: Jane Murray-Smith

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