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Rock Metal Wrap Sculptures by Rob Robinson

Rock Metal Wrap Sculptures by Rob Robinson

The roots of the wire tree cling to the rock, supporting the sculpture.  Anyone who has hiked or kayaked in the Gulf Islands has had a chance to marvel at the trees overhanging the water, but securely tied to land by the way the roots form around the rocks and other trees.  Rob was inspired to replicate this wonder here.

Methuselah incorporates a uniquely eroded piece of sandstone aggregate.  The wire is comprised of 2 30” pieces of 19 strand aluminum cable.  The ends are individually flattened and curved, giving a windswept look.

Methuselah can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors.

Rob Robinson is a multi-medium artist in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. 

He creates metal sculptures, often incorporating local rocks and wood.  He also works in water colour, linocut prints and creates wood veneer lamps and wire pictures in metal hoops.

Rob grew up in Ontario and studied industrial design at the Ontario College of Art, earning his AOCA and winning both the Chalmers Award, Design Canada Scholarship and the Governor General’s medal for art.

Upon graduation, on the recommendation of the Dean of OCA, he was hired by Don Watt of The Watt Group, which grew to be one of the leading design companies in North America. Rob returned to OCA and taught three dimensional design part time.

At The Watt Design Group, Rob led the environmental design group, which designed retail spaces, buildings and specialty fixtures, specializing in primarily food stores.   His department of 110 retail and graphic designers completed projects on every continent in the world, working with such giants as Loblaws, Home Depot, Walmart, Safeway, Shell, Stop n Shop (Hong Kong) and Coles (Australia).

Rob excelled at The Watt Group over his 25 year tenure, working his way up to become co-President and Creative Director. He ran his own design consultancy for the next fifteen years with projects in Colombia, Europe, Japan and USA.

But his true love was his own art, and he found his way to the Isle of the Arts, Gabriola, where he now spends his time creating art from the glorious views and inspiration of the west coast.


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