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Rainbow Trout Sculpture

Rainbow Trout Sculpture


This beautiful Kiln cast glass trout river rock and driftwood. One of a kind hand made by Chris Smith from Lantzville, B.C.

Each fish is one of a kind. Chris began carving clay Trout. He gives this clay fish as much character and detail as he can. This is what his finished cast glass surface will be like. When he is happy with his clay fish, he'll coat him or her in a plaster/refractory mix. When that sets, he'll weed the clay from the mold. In the meantime, he will have fused the glass fish skin, giving it the colouration and surface iridescence that he wants.  To create the metal reed grass base, Chris has collaborated with Nelson Shaw a steel sculptor.  Nelson will add his creativity to the individual personality of each Trout sculpture. Chris's finally step is to collect and glue river rocks to the base and clear coat the steel to complete the work.

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Category: CHRIS SMITH, fish, glass sculpture, trout

Type: Glass

Artist Collection: CHRIS SMITH

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