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Queen Bee Farms Organic Tea

Queen Bee Farms Organic Tea

Tin 12 - 14 cups

Coastal Winter Mist Organic Herbal Tea - Peppermint tea with a twist! Icy mist, Rainforest, fresh! 

Bee Calm Organic Herbal Tea - A relaxing and refreshingly tart sunshine filled tisane. Naturally caffeine-free and bursting with beneficial herbs. T

Lavender Lady Grey Organic Black Tea - Ultimate fragrant black tea! 

Highland Mist Organic Black Tea - Brisk, bold & misty, like that of the heather covering the misty moors of the Scottish Highlands.

Dark Knight Organic Black Tea - Full bodied black tea with the rich malty taste of dark chocolate and refreshing mint.

HoneyBee Organic Green Tea - A rich and flavorful cup with nuances of rare fruits, floral nectars and honey.

Hummingbird Organic Green Tea - Radiant exotic blend of refreshingly tart hibiscus, sweet pineapple with and aromatic bright citrusy finish.

Sakura Blossum Organic Green Tea - Delicate, floral, grassy notes meet on the palate in this fragrant cup with a smooth, fruity sweetness of ripe, juicy red cherries.

Victoria Fog Organic Herbal Tea -Creamy rich vanilla bean with subtle yet distinct hints of cooling mints, lavender and Italian Bergamot Orange.

West Coast Lady Grey Organic black Tea - Smooth, creamy Vanilla paired with the rich, bold tastes of Bergamot Orange, sweet Blueberries & Lavender. 

Alpine Strawberry Organic Herbal TeaElevate your taste buds with the high-mountain sipper, a radiant blend blossoming with juicy, sun-ripened summer fruits.

Breakfast Blend Organic Black TeaBeautiful, full-bodied, brisk & bold blend, deep with layers of multidimensional flavours. Rich and smooth with a distinct honey amber colour and fragrant aroma. 


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Artist Collection: Queen Bee Farms

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