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Penny Eder Decorative Mugs

Penny Eder Decorative Mugs

Humpback Whale Mugs. each one is hand made, the handles are the humpback tail fins. each one is made to resemble a Humpback found in the Salish Sea.  

Dungeness Crab Mugs, the handles are the crab claw with the flowing bull kelp and tiny crab on the side of the mug.

All hold approximately 10 oz.

Penny Eder Ceramics and Sculptures

Penny Eder's whimsical ceramic and concrete sculpture creations are inspired by nature. Primarily, Penny designs and creates original relief sculptural tile works, usable ceramic art, storytelling sculptures, and large scale outdoor concrete sculptures. Over the past twenty plus years, she has completed dozens of commissioned pieces, created to perfectly reflect the space they are intended to inhabit. Penny Eder’s art can be viewed worldwide: in public art commissions, hotels, restaurants and in many private collections. As well, she has created innumerable series’ of usable ceramic art. 

Each year penny donates art works to organizations including the samoyed organizations, Ocean Ecology MERS, Save the Forests, Whistler adaptive ski program, CARDA and Search and rescue, As well as the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation.

Vancouver Island, B.C.

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