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Passion for Purple Necklace, 20 inches

Passion for Purple Necklace, 20 inches

Lovely necklace with forged, rolled, textured and antiqued brass with Fossil Stone, Purple Goldstone, Dyed Jade, Amethyst, Glass and Resin.

Length~ 20 inches.

Hand made on Vancouver Island by Honica. sweetens the fragrance of Spring's first fragile ripens the flavours of Summer's plump rich spreads glory over Autumn skies as day deepens into evening...purple delights our senses.

Celebrate with Honica the lavish luxury of pure purple amethyst and the delicate drama of faceted crystal with opulent trimmings of antiqued metals in elegant, burnished textures.

Sensual jewellery for the woman with a passion for purple.

Amethyst was highly prized in antiquity for its calming effect and the name derived from the Greek amethustos or "non-inebriated". It is often used as a meditation stone to help quieten the mind and as an aid to finding inner peace. 
                                 Amethyst is also the birthstone for February.



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Category: Honica, necklace, Unique Necklaces

Type: Jewellery

Artist Collection: Honica

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