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Orca Design Shaving Scuttle

Orca Design Shaving Scuttle


A shaving scuttle was developed around the 19th century with the first patent for a shaving mug dating to 1867. As hot water was not common in many households, one way to provide hot lather was to use a scuttle or mug. A traditional scuttle resembles a teapot with a wide spout where hot water is poured in, and this is where it differs from a shaving mug, which has no spout. Modern versions of the scuttle are in limited production, usually by independent potters working in small volumes. Source: Wikkipedia

Jack Olive's beautiful pottery uses a distinctive multi-glazing technique and has a very unique look. He discovered that rich, layered ceramic glazes are particularly useful in creating a sense of depth in design. These glazes also require specially formulated materials that respond to the lower, energy-saving temperatures at which Jack fires. His left-brain analytical scientist mind melded with his right-brain artist one resulting in the development of fine-bodied stoneware and tight-fitting glazes used to create durable, useful works of art that are food, oven, dishwasher- and microwave-safe. 

The Kama Men's Old World Spice shaving soap is perfect for this scuttle. See the soap here: 


Size ~ Diameter 6 inches by Bowl Height 5 1/2  inches



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Type: Pottery

Artist Collection: Jack Olive Pottery

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