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Bonnie-Anne Goodwin

Authentic Artist of Jewelry 

Bonnie travelled for 20 years, living in 13 different countries, usually for 2 years in a designated city before moving on.   During her travels, she developed a passion​ of​ collecting authentic beads and jewelry from different parts of the world. Bonnie was a very spiritual woman who volunteered her time to help others​, usually women and​ their ​children. ​​ Through different people in her travels, she studied and learned about the healing properties of the beads she collected. When Bonnie returned to BC, she started restringing and designing bracelets and necklaces with her collection of beads and jewelry.   She knew that the healing properties and the spirituality of her creations would help others in their journey. Each of Bonnie’s designs is original, authentic, spiritual, and unique. You are blessed and protected with your purchase of Bonnie's Art of Jewelry.

Measures - 24 inches, charm 3.5 inches

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Artist Collection: BONNIE-ANNE GOODWIN

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