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Mother of Pearl with Butterfly Design Pendant Necklace
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Mother of Pearl with Butterfly Design Pendant Necklace

Mother of Pearl with Butterfly Design Pendant Necklace

This beautiful Butterfly design & Mother of Pearl Pendant. has been lovingly created by hand on Vancouver Island by John Taylor.

To protect the quality of this pendant it should be kept in its box when not being worn. Buff gently with a soft cloth from time to time and be sure to apply perfumes and hair products before placing it around your neck. Hairsprays and perfumes contain chemicals which can be harmful to ALL jewelry. 

Diameter:1 1/3 inches.

 Silver is a highly malleable metal with a brilliant white metallic lustre that can take a high degree of polishing. This has led to its huge popularity in jewellery where it is combined with copper to make it more durable. This alloy has been known as sterling silver since the 13th century.  

Since ancient times, silver has been closely associated with the moon and lunar influences.

Diana the Roman goddess of the moon hunted with a silver bow.

Mother of Pearl is formed from the iridescent inside of a pearl oyster, mother-of-pearl is believed to carry the gentle healing power of the sea, relaxing and soothing the emotions. Suggesting abundance and prosperity in mythology, it has been used for centuries in jewellery.

Note: The pendant is on a black cord which measures 18"

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