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Mixed Media Framed Art Collection by Sandi Madsen

Mixed Media Framed Art Collection by Sandi Madsen

Sandi Madsen

Artists Statement: Framed Art

I have been creating art since I was a child and selling my work for more than 25 years.  Over time my work has evolved and I have worked in various mediums. I currently work with acrylics, silver, fabric/textiles, functional pottery/clay.  

My paintings are acrylic but I sometimes create mixed media paintings by incorporating hand printed papers, fabric and ceramic art. The pieces of pottery and other media I use in my paintings are created in my small studio in Victoria.  I source the highest quality materials and purchase them locally as much as possible. I firmly subscribe to the adage of quality over quantity.

I believe handcrafted items ground us and affirm that although we are individuals we are undeniably connected to each other and to the natural world.  The subjects of my paintings such as birds in the garden, flowers in bloom, and sheep in the field reflect this belief.  They celebrate and appreciate the simple pleasures of Island life.

I hope to engage interest in my art through producing unique items that bring charm and inspire a sense of magic. My contribution as an artist is complemented by the appreciation of others who see in the final work something meaningful and joyful to welcome into their home as a part of daily life. 

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Artist Collection: Sandi Madsen

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