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Medium Glass Spirit Feathers in Shades of Amber and Yellow

Medium Glass Spirit Feathers in Shades of Amber and Yellow

A beautiful glass feather to hang in a light place. 

Approx size: 7 inches x 1 inch.

Handmade in the Comox Valley by award-winning glass artist Loris Dawn.


"A Spirit Feather symbolizes a New Beginning, a Spiritual Evolution, Divinity, Inspiration, and Good Fortune.

Whether you choose the Spirit Feather that catches your attention and awakens you, or your loved one chooses one for you, it is a gift that will surely enlighten you. Your Spirit Feather will always remind YOU that YOU are loved.

From the moment I conceived the idea to create Spirit Feathers, I felt an overwhelming source of enthusiasm and positive energy.I knew I had discovered a form of creating attractive combinations of vibrant colours in a form that also brought a sensation of Spiritual energy to me.I LOVE designing the Feathers and embellishing them with natural beads and leather. I LOVE the response and reactions I have been feeling from all of my encounters who have chosen their Spirit Feathers.

My Spirit Feathers are created in limited editions." Writes Loris.


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Category: glass spirit feather, Hanging Glass, LORIS DAWN

Type: Glass

Artist Collection: LORIS DAWN

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