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Mary Fox Pottery Legacy Project - Heart Bowls

Mary Fox Pottery Legacy Project - Heart Bowls

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Legacy Project Apprenticeship Program - Sarah Wilson

The Legacy Projects beginnings 

A lot of great ideas start with a dream; the Legacy Project is one of them. Mary has worked as a potter all her life, earning her  living from what she created with her hands.  It was a challenge to earn a living as an artist, especially in the early years. When she was younger, it was difficult to find a place to rent that could accommodate a studio and a landlord willing to let her install a kiln. She always managed to find studio spaces, but often they were dark basement rooms, not places that inspired creativity. She felt fortunate to have any studio space all, but  still fantasized about the day she would own a house and have the studio/gallery of her dreams.

The Legacy Project will run an artist residency program. This is an opportunity for a young potter with some throwing experience and a desire to become a studio potter to hone their skills. 

Sarah Wilson is the first  apprentice of the Adopt an Apprentice program which is part of the Legacy Project.
The designs and glazes are Mary's and the apprentice is to duplicate her work as best she can. Sarah will be producing tableware to Mary's specifications for the full two year apprenticeship. In the later part of the second year she also have  time to start developing her own line and glazes so that when her two years are up she will be ready to start her own pottery line.  


During the 2 years Mary will mentor and work with Sarah and provide a monthly honorarium.  Sarah will live in a cabin at Cathi Jefferson’s pottery on the Cowichan River and commute to Ladysmith. Living at Cathi Jefferson’s pottery will give her  the opportunity to learn about her salt/soda firing as well as a place in nature to recharge.  An Artist Residency Program is what the Legacy Project is all about and this is a way for Mary to start building the foundation for the program.



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