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Mary Fox - Book - My Life as a Potter

Mary Fox - Book - My Life as a Potter

“A professional potter for over forty years, Mary Fox knew she had found her life’s work after her first exposure to ceramic arts at the age of thirteen. Her innovative layered glazes and exquisitely balanced vessels have garnered national and international acclaim. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, books, journals and design magazines, and is held in institutional, corporate and private collections throughout the world. Fox also delivers artist talks on ceramic techniques and the creative process.

“Largely self-taught, Fox has supplemented her learning by participating in a summer workshop at the Banff School of Fine Arts (1988) and conducting self-directed explorations of cone 10 glazes with the support of a Circle Craft Co-op scholarship (1998). She is a core member of Fired Up!, the longest-running ceramic exhibition group in Canada, and has exhibited with them regularly since 1997. In recent years, Fox has collaborated with glass artists to create a stunning body of glass sculptural forms mounted in rock, which she refers to as the Planetary & Oceanic series.

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Artist Collection: Mary Fox - Book - My Life as a Potter

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