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Holiday Orca Wide Based Mug

Holiday Orca Wide Based Mug

Perfect for travel or at the computer as will not easily tip. Large enough for beer as well as coffee.

Jack Olive's beautiful pottery uses a distinctive multi-glazing technique and has a very unique look. He discovered that rich, layered ceramic glazes are particularly useful in creating a sense of depth in design. These glazes also require specially formulated materials that respond to the lower, energy-saving temperatures at which Jack fires.

His left-brain analytical scientist mind melded with his right-brain artist one resulting in the development of fine-bodied stoneware and tight-fitting glazes used to create durable, useful works of art that are dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

5 x 3.75 inches



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Category: Jack Olive Pottery, Mugs

Type: Pottery

Artist Collection: Jack Olive Pottery

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