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Harmony Jade Necklace, 18 inches

Harmony Jade Necklace, 18 inches

A beautiful necklace hand made on Vancouver Island by Honica using hand formed, forged, textured and antique brass with BC Jade, Austrian Crystal, Turquoise, Serpentine, Glass, Agate and Moss Agate..

Size 8 inches. 


Jade is an ancient stone and has been seen as a good luck charm for thousands of years, especially in the East and when worn as jewellery. 

Spiritually jade is thought to encourage self-realisation.


 Agate obtains its typical banded appearance through the deposition of other quartz substances within the layers. It enjoyed a high reputation as a protective stone in the ancient world. The tradition still holds strong today as Agate is widely used in spiritual healing, believed to balance and harmonise the body and mind.



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Category: Honica, necklace

Type: Jewellery

Artist Collection: Honica

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