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Glass Vases by Robert Held

Glass Vases by Robert Held

Creating the most beautiful glass works that I can, has been Robert’s personal goal or mantra for his entire life. Make Beautiful Things for Beautiful People.

Growing up in a creative home, Robert started drawing things in the 5th grade and has not stopped yet. His father was a sculptor, his mother his model. Together they instilled a creative, and supportive environment that has sustained him through a few different artistic endeavours. From painter, to potter, to glass blower, He has always tried to make wonderful, beautiful work.

Now, after over 50 years of blowing glass, he still loves the act of creating art from this molten mass of sand with his own breath. Hopefully, breathing life and beauty into each piece.

Robert D. Held

Each piece is hand made and may not be exactly as shown in the photo.

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