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Functional and Decorative Plates by Ellen Pedersen Pottery

Functional and Decorative Plates by Ellen Pedersen Pottery

Artist statement:

At the age of 10 I discovered that I could mold the clay I dug from our seaside cliffs into little pots, which could be burnished and then hardened in a beach fire. I was hooked. I purchased an old record player at a rummage sale and tried to throw pots with it - without much success, but with much happy messiness. Later, in high school, I did learn to throw on a proper wheel and through the years of career and child-raising I had sporadic access to clay and kilns. Since retiring I have set up my own studio here in Victoria and am able to pot to my hearts content.

I love form, both visual and tactile. I want my mug handles to feel comfortable to the hand of  the user. I want my bowls to feel light yet fulsome and my vases to accentuate the curves and beauty of the flowers within them.

Lately I have been exploring surface design as well, using slips and scraffito and chattering to add to the form. Some designs are abstract but most are influenced by my years as a biologist and my ongoing fascination with the natural world.

Victoria, B.C.

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