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Framed Arbutus Tree Art Night Eyes 10 x 10

Framed Arbutus Tree Art Night Eyes 10 x 10

Ro's unique pieces are handcrafted from arbutus branches which have fallen naturally. After harvesting the branches are cut and sanded until smooth. Each design is then cut individually and free-hand on a scroll saw, making each one an original piece of art. Each frame is then signed. A water-based satin varnish is then applied and the masterpiece is completed with a black framed shadow box

Arbutus is a hard and durable wood that ages well, the colour becoming richer with time.

Measures - framed 10 x 10 inches 




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Category: Arbutus art, Framed wood art, Wood Art

Type: Wood

Artist Collection: WINDY TREE ARTISAN

SKU: 196-148

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