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Earthly Treasures Black Collection by Honica

Earthly Treasures Black Earring Collection by Honica can sparkle like the stars that blanket a clear night sky, or it can drift as softly as smoke across the fields at dusk.  This i the magic of black, part of its eternal appeal...that it can be as organic as black truffles and charcoal, or as sleek as black pearls and crystal. Honica likes to juxtapose the soft sheen of natural materials such as jet and horn with sharp edges of Austrian crystal and quartz. This blending enhances the eclectic elegance which makes the collection so versatile.  Whether you wear it by day or by candlelight...where you choose discreet designs or flamboyant is always artful, always appropriate.

Very stylish earrings from Honica's Earthly Treasures include a combination of Austrian Crystal, Glass and Horn.

Hand made in Victoria, B.C. by Honica.

Measurements included with item details.



Category: Bracelets, Earrings, Honica, Unique Necklaces

Type: Jewellery

Artist Collection: Honica

SKU: 504-EB-1

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