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Early Morning Pink Necklace, 23 inches

Early Morning Pink Necklace, 23 inches
Honica describes early mornings at the studio. Before sunrise, high above the ocean, the mountains are still shrouded in clouds. A delicate dawn steals slowly across the sky, and it's progress dims the cold diamond glitter of the stars, warming the world with promise.  She loves these daily new beginnings...each one brings new challenges and ideas as naturally as the sun rises, the earth warms and flowers blossom.  Like a rosebud opening in the summer sun, these designs too seemed to just grow...Petal on petal of delicate colour, layer on lay of subtle texture.  She have designed this jewellery to be naturally romantic, with a bold and modern voice that speaks to confident women of all ages.
Very feminine and stylish new range from Honica featuring a beautiful combination of Lamp worked Glass, Swarovski crystals, Glass, Rhondonite, Dyed Jade and Rose Quartz.

Length 23 inches.

Hand made on Vancouver Island by Honica.



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Category: Honica, Unique Necklaces

Type: Jewellery

Artist Collection: Honica

SKU: 504-23EM28P75B

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