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Made with love & 100% pure essential oils & extracts...naturally! Customer testimonials include relief of: Skin Conditions & Weird Rashes Alternative to corticosteroid cream Psoriasis; eczema; lupus; shingles; chemotherapy itch Dry cracked hands; heels; knees; elbows & cuticles Acne; cold sores Bug bites; poison ivy Hemorrhoids; vaginal & jock itch Minor burns; sunburns & exposure. Pets' hot spots; cracked pads & ear problems Pain & Pleasure Management Fibromyalgia; sports injuries; tendonitis Back & joint pain; stiff neck & sore shoulders Muscular aches Bruises; breaks and sprains, headaches Massage; stress relief & insomnia Removing house paints and pine sap from the skin Circulation Foot care & varicose veins Anti-inflammatory Frostbite Raynaud's syndrome Blocked sinuses; coughs & congestion.

8OZ /250ML

 Active Ingredient Properties: Lavender - Excellent skin cell regenerator; antiseptic; helps heal infections; effective aid in healing burns; minor cuts and wounds. Peppermint - Helps relieve inflammation, indigestion, sinus and lung congestion, itching, insomnia, and shock. It can also help with lack of focus. Rosemary - Stimulates circulation; relieves congestion and sore muscles; improves memory and confidence; helps to balance the mind and body. Cinnamon - Helps with infections, indigestion, and congestion. Considered to be an aphrodisiac and is useful for fatigue and depression. Eucalyptus - Helps clear congestion, infections, pimples and insect bites; increases energy. Tea tree - Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral; supports the immune system. Chamomile - Great for rashes and sensitive skin. Arnica - A natural herbal extract effective for relief of joint pains, inflammation and bruises.

We recommend testing the product on a skin patch on the inner arm before widespread use. -If any skin irritation occurs please discontinue use. For external use only. -Keep out of reach of children. -The use of this product is not a substitute for the advice of a medical professional

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