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Danger Zone Earring Collection by Honica

Danger Zone Earring Collection by Honica

Hand forged, textured and antiqued brass with dense clusters of brilliantly coloured beads of Austrian Crystal and Glass.

Measurements are included with item details.

 To give you a fair're in the "Danger Zone"...power and passion are the attributes of the colour red, so prepare for adventure. Whether your design is extravagantly complex, or simply elegant, it embodies the desire for the exotic and the extraordinary. 

As Honica crafts these designs in red, she pays assiduous attention to detail. To work the metal, she uses hand and electric tools. She shapes, tumbles, punches cleans, cuts, hammers, textures, antiques, satin-brushes and coats the brass forms. Then she is ready to complete the composition. She has collected a huge variety of beads in the flame-hot hues of scarlet, crimson, ruby, cherry, and wine reds.  She pays particular attention to shape and texture, so that transparent 'jewels' drop like ripe fruit, and light dances on smooth polished surfaces.

Subtle and understated? Never in red!





Category: Earrings, Honica

Type: Jewellery

Artist Collection: Honica

SKU: 504-DZ-1

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