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Crow Design Raku Vase

Crow Design Raku Vase

 A very distinctive and beautiful vase for your flowers or as a centre-piece. Although Raku is porous Jack lines his vases with a glaze so that they are water retentive. It is advisable to place the vase on a mat as some water beading may still occur at the base.

Jack Olive has recently explored the techniques and possibilities of raku. This example uses "naked raku" techniques, which result in a pot that is white with a black line image. A dry pot is covered with terra sigliata (liquid clay), fired once to bisque temperature, then covered with a high-fire clay slip and a low fire glaze, through which he etches the design.

 The piece is then fired to raku temperatures, and placed into the smoking chamber. When the piece is cooled, he peels off the slip and glaze to reveal the black line on the white background. The resulting pots have a lighter, more textured quality than his traditional stoneware.

3.75 x 10.75 inches

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Category: Jack Olive Pottery, Raku, Vases

Type: Pottery

Artist Collection: Jack Olive Pottery

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