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Collectors Ultra Yew Wood Knife - Medium

Collectors Ultra Yew Wood Knife - Medium

This lovely Yew Tree Wood is one knife approx 7 inches in length. Hand made on Cortez Island B.C.

Because these are handmade each will vary a little in colour and design.

The Pacific Yew is one of the hardest hardwood trees of the Pacific Northwest.  A slow-growing evergreen tree with a striking grain color, Yew wood radiates warmth. It polishes to a very smooth textured that feels so nice in your hand!

Local First Nations identified Pacific yew as a plant with medicinal properties, making teas from the needles and bark, and applying crushed needles to wounds. They also used the extremely hard wood for implements that needed to withstand strain, such as fishhooks and paddles.

Our utensil products are ideal for both serving and cooking as the wood is so hard and will last for a long long time.

Finished with food-safe walnut oil and beeswax, Wash & dry after use. Do not put in a dishwasher. Apply walnut oil or mineral oil when needed. 





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Category: ARBUTUS ARTS, Kitchen Wood

Type: Wood

Artist Collection: ARBUTUS ARTS

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