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Coffee Press Pitcher with Crow and Moon Design

Coffee Press Pitcher with Crow and Moon Design

This pitcher is beautiful; use for hot or cold liquids. 

Height ~ 6 inches Diameter ~ 4 inches

Jack Olive's beautiful pottery uses a distinctive multi-glazing technique and has a unique look. He discovered that rich, layered ceramic glazes are particularly useful in creating a sense of depth in design.

These glazes also require specially formulated materials that respond to the lower, energy-saving temperatures at which Jack fires. His left-brain analytical scientist mind melded with his right-brain artist one resulting in the development of fine-bodied stoneware and tight-fitting glazes used to create durable, useful works of art that are dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

 Handmade in British Columbia.




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Category: Jack Olive Pottery, Jugs

Type: Pottery

Artist Collection: Jack Olive Pottery

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