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Cedar Salmon Cribbage Board - Wildwood Tofino

Cedar Salmon Cribbage Board - Wildwood Tofino

3 player cribbage board complete with a skunk line, peg storage, and 9 metal pegs. Crafted in Tofino from salvaged Western Red Cedar and epoxy resin from the surfboard glassing process. Finished with Rubio Monocoat.

Reece Myerscough - Tofino/Victoria BC, Canada - Wildwood

Professional Kitesurfer and surfboard shaper creating products from reclaimed wood and recycled surfboard resin. Wildwood salvages its raw materials, turning firewood, construction waste, and windfall branches into unique pieces. Proudly sourced and handcrafted in the heart of Tofino.


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Category: cribbage board

Type: Wood

Artist Collection: Wildwood Tofino

SKU: 668-CB-1

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