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Aluminium Viking Knit Necklace Collection by Kim Smith

Aluminium Viking Knit Necklace Collection by Kim Smith

This necklace is a beautiful original design made with aluminium wire to create a viking knit chain. Hand made by Kim Smith from Victoria, B.C.

Measurements included with item details.

Kim had been a life-long hobby person, until 2016 when she took a Viking Knit course and she was hooked!  Gone were the days of relatively low costs yarns, patterns and books and in were the days of heavy deliveries, tools and shiny metals. She started with a crème Brule torch in my basement, a hammer and copper pipe she bought from the hardware store and have now moved into a fully kitted out studio in Victoria, BC.  Kim has taken a number of classes from extremely talented jewellery artists from Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Seattle and the incredibility beautiful Methow Valley in the Cascades.  

Kim primarily work in silver, sometimes copper, and all her pieces unless specifically marked are all fused and soldered by hand, not cast.  


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Artist Collection: Kim Smith

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