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Having restored antique furniture and chairs for many years I have a deep knowledge and understanding of wood. My work tries to capture the spirit, character and texture of the tree Which I turn into bowls, platters and hand-carved burls. I have designed many "one of a kind"pieces, my latest being "Hollycones" and parquetry-inlaid platters.

Like our native Indian people I strongly believe trees have living spirits. When working with Highly figured woods, many different unexpected images appear and I try to bring out their Hidden beauty. Where knots fall out, marbles are carefully chosen to replace them.

I have been accepted and sold pieces in the Sidney Fine Arts Show for the last three consecutive years. Our local Woodturners Guild has inspired and encouraged me by the Many world class turners we bring in for demonstrations. My ambitions remain high, as are My standards for what I produce. Public response is of the utmost importance to me. My work And great love for it makes it much easier for me to produce pleasing, one of a kind works of Art for all to enjoy.