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Tracy Yerrell

Located on the most western coast of Canada on Vancouver Island in pristine Victoria BC. Created under Bat-Fish Studios, Fused Clothing is the brainchild of Tracy Yerrell.

Drawing inspiration from an extensive professional design background, creating a line of "green" clothing just made sense. Fused is constantly striving to keep the look fresh & exciting. Working with new artwork, different techniques and a variety of screened images, Fused endeavors to bring style, class and beauty to up-cycled pieces. Fused works hard to expose the myth that just because a product is up-cycled, design esthetics can be compromised, through innovative & creative thinking we strive to prove the opposite is true, resulting in gorgeous finished products.

Singe Exquisite - a line of fascinators created from the incredible fabrics found in upholsterers sample books. They can be worn in the hair, on a hat or your lapel, a beautiful addition to any women's arsenal of gorgeous accessories. Tube*Bella - Jewelry with "inner" style! This product is indeed made from the inner tubes of old bicycle tires, reworked & up-cycled into beautiful post consumer merchandise. Jewelry that has "been around the block"....literally!