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Inspired by movies such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the works of H.G Wells and Jules Verne, I started taking vintage watches apart and putting them back together with other watch parts and over time created interesting pieces for friends. In the early eighties I embraced the Steampunk culture and was inspired by its \'presumption of functionality\' and started collecting, dis-assembling and creating various \'steampunk\' pieces using copper, fuses, wires and various watch parts. In addition an aboriginal friend of mine told me that for generations many cultures believed in stored energy and passed down items such as tools, musical instruments, paintbrushes and more. There was something magical about wearing a piece that once may have been worn by an artist, woodworker, traveler, musician, dancer or writer. Imagine the untapped energy to be found in each piece.

My 'Time' pieces became popular when the term Steampunk was coined in the early eighties. I had used the 'forward motion' theme and was surprised to see New York Soho studios creating similar pieces for hundreds of dollars.

I have created wearable pieces for the movie and television industry and local boudoir studios. I look forward to discovering new ideas and revisiting the old as my body of work continues to grow.