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10 Things to Love About Sarabande Soaps
  1. Sarabande soaps are all hand made from an extremely gentle goat's milk and glycerine formula with added aloe butter for additional moisturizing qualities.
  2. Sarabande soaps are hand made locally in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. So with little shipping they leave a very small carbon footprint.
  3. All Sarabande soaps are made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency and they are always fresh!
  4. Sarabande soaps are 100% biodegradable - so are gentle on our environment.
  5. Sarabande soaps are lots of fun and have enticing fragrances - but are never too strongly scented.
  6. Sarabande soaps \'natural\' formulas ensure that the soaps last a long, long time.
  7. Sarabande soaps creates a low but rich & extra creamy lather yet leave no \'gooey\' residue.
  8. All of the ingredients in Sarabande soaps are ethically produced andnever, ever tested on animals.
  9. All Sarabande soaps have a neutral ph, so are gentle for sensitive skin - from babies to adults.
  10. Sarabande soaps are made in beautiful & traditional soap moulds, often with seasonal themes. Each soap is beautifully yet responsibly packaged using a clear wrap and hand tied ribbon; making them an excellent gift.