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Jasmine Chapelsky of Rock Stuff was born and raised in Central Alberta. She still enjoys the water, having grown up beside the north Saskatchewan River, she has always managed to live beside either a river or close to water ever since.

Her love of nature, art & music has led her to try her hand at different mediums to express herself. Living in Calgary, close to the Rocky Mountains and the Bow River inspired her to design her ‘Rock Stuff' products and patterns.

She is an avid collector of natural rocks & plants. She also enjoys photographing nature. She was drawn to the West Coast and is continually inspired by her surroundings. She lives on a farm in the Cowichan Valley with her daughter and their goats, chickens and cats.

Jasmine creates some of the most beautiful and practical bowls, tea lights, trivets, soap dishes and placemats all from local stone.