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Loris Dawn Glass Feathers

Loris Dawn

A Little History of Loris Dawn Nygaard

I have been creating art since I was a child, to fulfill an existence in me, my life\'s calling, that can only be assuaged with building innovative pieces of beauty. I love to challenge the norm, stepping outside the box. Who wants to be cornered? We are free spirits, and being unique individuals, the creative energy that comes from within should be just as sacred.
In my earlier days, I would combine red and white clay, creating unique organically inspired coil pottery. The forms would always begin in one shape, for example square and ending up round.
My desire for creating stained glass seemed natural, for I had been piecing together sections of clay to create panels of art. The scintillating effects I felt from the brilliant colours of glass, and intense handling while cutting it, had me addicted immediately.
I was extremely moved by the intricate patterns that could be created with very small pieces of glass using the copper foil technique. With time, I was selling my stained glass art and unique stepping stones to local stores, and eclectic consumers. I reside in The Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, BC where there is unlimited inspiration from nature and the numerous cultural events. The music and the arts are exhilarating gifts to all. I start my days uniting with Mother Nature, then joyfully balance my career in art with my home and family responsibilities. My diligent art work is the result of my own efforts and thus I am not promoting a \"high-production business\" or \"assembly line\" product. Every creation is unique and could never be duplicated.
As I was reaching for new forms to enhance my stained glass work, I began to manipulate wire, creating a filigree style, inherent to the classic days of Art Nouveau.
Upon integrating filigree with glass gems and stained glass, it was obvious how they complemented one another. I was soon pursuing three dimensional shapes and became ecstatic with the results.