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Lawrence Ruskin

Hummingbird Hot Glass Studio

Lions Bay, B.C.

Starting as a collector, Lawrence’s fascination with glass drove him to build his own backyard “hot glass” studio in 1982. He taught himself to blow glass, an ongoing process, which eventually led him to enroll in the Pilchuk Glass School. In 1987 he was juried into the 20th anniversary Master’s class taught by Dale Chihuli and Lino Tagliapietra.

This award winning glass blower works in the free form Venetian style made famous by William Morris, Rich Royal, Dale Chihuli, Martin Blank, and others. His glasswork takes its inspiration from nature for both colour and shape.

Off-hand glass blowing has remained unchanged for 2000 years. The same tools and techniques are still used today. It starts with clear, molten glass, and colours are added as the piece progresses. The colours are minerals such as gold or cobalt oxides and work in the same way that mineral oxides are added to paints. Each metal or metal oxide has a different size molecule, and thereby reflects light at a different wavelength.

Each of Lawrence’s pieces uses 2 or more colours that are blended while molten to create the pattern. Once the colours are properly mixed, more clear glass is added and the piece is formed using mainly gravity and centrifugal force.