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Lady Dragon Glassworks

Glass artist Vanessa Gaudet grew up in Bellevue Saskatchewan; a small. culturally rich town located in the central part of the province. Organizing    entertainment for the town's residents was a collective operation, requiring all members of the population to participate. Musical and theatrical performances and art shows were all presented successfully because of the contributions made by all who lived within this close-knit community. Additionally, Bellevue hosted a new "artist in residence" each year.

Lady Dragon Glassworks

It was these early years that helped to shape Vanessa's artistic growth by exposing her to many different mediums and influencing her creative thought process. At 20 years old, Vanessa relocated to Victoria in order to attend university. She was introduced to the art of glass sculpting when she offered a friend some room to practice the art int the basement of her rented house. It wasn't  long before the art form had captured her own heart, and Vanessa found herself abandoning her previous educational pursuit in order to concentrate on a career in glass.

Vanessa's inspirations for her glass work are derived from the natural environment in which she resides. Often representing our breathtaking west coast shores; oceanic plant life and creatures are depicted beautifully in motion, as if caught in a state of natural being. Each piece displays just enough asymmetry and irregularity - as well as an undying appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of our beautiful, natural west coast environment. Vanessa combines this with an overall feeling of serenity, and thought her work,  showcases her true pride for her home in Victoria, B.C.

Vanessa's creative activity begins with an idea she would like to explore. She sculpts through a process of both emotional and physical fluidity, allowing her mistakes to guide each move. Vanessa views her work as as continuously evolving representations of her mind and spirit. Her artistic interests are based on the philosophy that beauty can be found in imperfection and transience. She describes her work as being a perpetual state of impermanence, a conceptual process that keeps her motivated in her desire to create.