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Kayden Dorma Wood Turner

Wood Turning by Kayden Dorma

Kayden is 18 years old and lives in Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island BC. He has been woodturning for about three years and has fallen in love with it. Nothing specific got him into turning wood; it was kind of an out of the blue idea one day. He found an old lathe online, set it up in a shed and started turning a random assortment of wood. He soon got hooked on woodturning and convinced his dad to help him build his own shop.

Once the shop was done he invested in a brand new wood lathe and tools and started getting creative. All of his product is turned with a very high attention to detail. He likes to use both local wood from the island and exotic wood from all over the world.






He turns large and small bowls, platters, boxes, candle holders, vases, bottle stoppers, and flowers. All of his bowls, platters and any serving dishes are food safe. He uses a lot of different finishes like, beeswax and orange oil, pure tung oil, mineral oil, and shellawax polish. His wooden flowers with natural stems took him forever to perfect the design and turning process but what he has now he is most proud of.

"I really hope people can appreciate my work and find it beautiful and creative".