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Geoff Haywood was born in South Africa and grew up in the UK. Although he pursued a scientific career, he comes from an artistic family, his father being a painter and sculptor. He was always drawing and painting pictures as a child and he has passed on the gift since his daughter is a painter and costume designer in Canadian Theatre. He came to Canada in 1978 and started serious watercolour painting here in Oak Bay (Windsor Pavilion) in 1982. His other artistic talents include pottery and photography. He spent 7 years in Hawaii, teaching science but also doing watercolour painting. He returned to Oak Bay at the end of 2007 and while teaching science subjects at Camosun College also finds time to continue his watercolour paintings. Geoff enjoys and often employs the use of wet-on-wet technique in skies and in order to bring about misty effects in the distance. His uses a variety of tools in his work, often taking photographs or making sketches of suitable subject material. He may also incorporate imagined scenes into a painting. His particularly enjoys painting seascapes or coastal landscapes and boats are often featured in his work. Indeed, his name, and one of his photographs, was mentioned in January on the front cover of the Oak Bay news in connection with the grounding and sinking of the fishing boat Gull Vicâ which he had photographed and was painting at the time.