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Gale LaPorte

Raku Artist

Born and raised on British Columbia’s West Coast, Gale’s works reflect the images of the nature surrounding her every day. Mainly self-taught, Gale has dabbled in a variety of art forms and has come to appreciate the joy and contentment of sculpting in clay. A class of hand building in Prince Rupert, a job in a ceramic workshop, and a doll making (hand sculpted) course in Qualicum Beach set her on the path to hand sculpted Raku art forms as her labour of choice. Raku firing has added excitement, vibrant colours, with nature providing the rest.

Errington, a unique community to live and work in, provides some of the imagination desired to create original sculpted shapes and forms of the West Coast.

Other experiences include the involvement and organization of community art shows, volunteer art classes for elementary students, an applied design course through Lethbridge College, Alberta, and a stained glass course in Coombs, B.C.

Camping on, boating around and beachcombing many of Vancouver Island’s finest beaches has also offered it’s own inspiration and creativity. \"We do live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.\"