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Gabriels Crystalline Pottery

“The Gabriel’s” Crystalline Pottery. Hand crafted and truly one of a kind Gabriel’s Crystalline Glazed Pottery is created in the Gabriel’s studio on Pender Island B.C.

All their magnificent work is food and dishwasher safe. These forms are the potter’s interpretation of classical shapes and are the result of working with clay on the potter’s wheel for over 30 years. For many years the focus was Raku; the past 9 years have been crystalline glazes.

Vases and other functional art pieces make unique and magnificent gifts that have a magical quality. The crystals are spectacular; shimmering and varying in shape. Sometimes they appear like canopies of snowflakes, mesmerizing and 3 dimensional. The crystal formations cannot be duplicated! Producing the glazes is technically difficult. The process involves meticulous attention to every detail from the clay body, glaze chemistry, application, position in the kiln, to a carefully controlled intricate firing and cooling program.

The crystals emerge in the glaze when the kiln is held at a very high temperature for a long period of time. They are formed from minerals such as silica, zinc and others along with metal oxides that produce different shades of nature in the clay. In the late 1800’s European chemists were achieving crystalline glazes. They proved too elusive to economically mass produce and so were discontinued.

“It is like Christmas when we open the kiln”.