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Flame Work Designs Glass Art

Lampwork By Carolyn Cleator and Anthony Green Of Flame Work Designs To maintain the highest standards, we personally perform all the creative aspects involved in our work. We begin the process of Lampworking by fusing rods of glass around a tool called a mandrel in front of a heat intensive flame of 2000ºF. Each bead is individually created one at a time to ensure quality. Maintaining a hot enough temperature at all times is crucial when creating a bead. If the bead is held away from the flame for more than fifteen seconds the glass can shatter. Once you start a bead you must give it 100% of your attention until you have completed your creation. Every bead is carefully sculpted freehand to ensure that each bead is unique and individual. All of our work is kiln annealed and carefully cooled down over several hours. Annealing is the process of slowly lowering the temperature surrounding the piece so that it doesn’t stress the glass and cause fracturing. This process, although very time consuming, is a very important step to assuring that you will receive the highest quality piece. Carolyn and Anthony transformed their love and passion for glass into a full time business in 2005 and now is known worldwide for their unique and inventive glass designs. Carolyn Cleator & Anthony Green Flame Work Designs