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Doreen Schneider's professional life has been varied, indeed. After receiving her Bachelor\'s degree in science at the University of Saskatchewan, she moved to Burlington, Ontario and spent the next twenty years developing and teaching the biochemistry program at the Hamilton and District School of Medical Technology. Always interested in the creative arts, when her husband was transferred to the west coast, she took the opportunity to return to university where she obtained another Bachelor's degree, this time in Fine Arts at the University of Victoria. After completing the advanced course in silver smithing at Camosun College in Victoria B.C. she was ready to start designing and handcrafting jewellery.

Doreen's unique sculptural jewellery creations are known as bridge jewellery, falling within the transition zone between costume jewellery and fine jewellery. Once the designing process is complete it must be translated into a silver representation. This requires a variety of fabrication techniques, such as soldering, forging, fold-forming, reticulation, texturing and enamelling.

Her designs also incorporate many other materials such as gold, semi-precious stones, antique beads, carved bone etc., often from various parts of the underdeveloped world. Each piece is unique - a fascinating sculptural story framed in silver.

"For over 10 years I have been designing jewellery for commercial galleries and private clients. Unique designs continue to unfold evoked by the world around us - a cloud formation, a waterfall, a piece of drift wood, the shape of a rock - images from legends, stories or a piece of music. What ever the source the result is a one-of-a-kind fascinating sculptural story framed in silver. I love designing each unique piece and delight in having one of my pieces make someone very happy".

Doreen currently resides in North Saanich, British Columbia. When she is not either at her silver smithing bench or traveling in search of more material for her jewellery designs, she can usually be found enjoying her garden or sailing among British Columbia\'s Gulf Islands.

Juried Shows:

Sidney Fine Art Show
maximum number of pieces that can be juried in = 3
Oct. 2004 -2 pieces juried in.
Oct. 2005 -2 pieces juried in.
Oct.2006 - 3 pieces juried in. -- Honourable mention
Oct. 2007 - 3 pieces juried in
Oct. 2008 - 3 pieces juried in
Oct. 2009 - 2 pieces juried in

Sooke Fine Art Show
July2005 - 4 pieces juried in. (maximum number)
( 2005 ended a 20 year run for this show)
The New Sooke Fine Art Show
July 2007 - 3 pieces juried in. ( maximum number)
July 2009 - 3 pieces juried in. (maximum number)

Sooke Region Museum
Guest Artist for the month of July 2006
By Hand Show BC Place , Vancouver, BC. 2007