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Colin was born in England and immigrated to Canada as a pre-teen. He was educated in Winnipeg and after 38 years as a project engineer and manager in the telephone industry in both Manitoba and BC, retired in 1997 and took up woodturning. He is currently on the executive of the Fraser Valley Woodturners’ Guild and a member of the Greater Vancouver Woodturners’ Guild.

There are four distinct steps to making his open segmented turnings. The design phase encompasses defining the shape and pattern, determining the number of rows and the number of segments per row, calculating the segment lengths and angles for each row and determining the wood requirements. This is followed by the material preparation phase, which includes selecting the wood species to satisfy the pattern, colour and textural requirements plus cutting all the segments. The third phase is the actual assembly of the piece using special jigs to accurately locate each segment. And finally the vessel is turned using standard woodturning techniques and a finish is applied.

“As a lover of wood I enjoy reclaiming pruning of various tree species and other so-called waste woods and turning them into bowls etc. or combining them to take advantage of their colour and/or textural characteristics to produce these award winning creations.”