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Wendy Nordli has been working as a stained glass artist for over seventeen years now. What began as a beginners class in the basic principles of stained glass quickly emerged as a passion and a business. As someone who has been artistic in many mediums throughout her entire life she was surprised to find that working with glass was the one thing that put everything else on the back burner. The endless possibilities for creativity and artistic flair kept her unbelievably grateful to be able to spend her days doing something she loves. Each piece of glass is hand cut, smoothed on a grinder, washed, copper foiled, soldered and then finally the finishing touches and embellishments are added. Although she works in many types of designs such as stained glass panels, glass tables, sun catchers, ornaments etc., it is the three dimensional items that are her speciality. From the very first three dimensional piece she made she was \"hooked\", as adding a third dimension brings it to life. For almost 15 years now has been \"tweaking\" her creations and constantly designing different flowers, shapes and sizes so as to continually improve her product. Most of her 3D pieces have a handblown and hand painted hummingbird in them. These are always a favourite! Additionally, genuine Swarovski crystals and/or antique rhinestones are used to embellish most of her designs.

These are wonderful and unique gift ideas to be enjoyed by all!

Wendy's studio in her home is on Vancouver Island in a small village just north of Nanaimo, named Lantzville.

Hanging and Care of Product:
When purchasing three dimensional stained glass the most frequent question asked is "How and where do I hang it?" There are many options available depending on which size has been purchased. The very best location is anywhere that receives a fair amount of light. Any window is perfect for this, and some styles are able to sit on a table or shelf. If size allows, the simplest solution for hanging is to place a small cup hook in the woodwork of the window frame. Fishline is provided,which allows the glass to be suspended invisibly. Two other alternatives are decorative brackets placed on the wall, or an "anchor bolt" style plant hook in the ceiling. Either of these two options allows the glass to be hung further out from the wall or window.

One very good thing about purchasing one of Wendy's 3D pieces is that DUSTING IS NOT REQUIRED!! Simply rinse under a gentle spray of hot water and let air dry. If extremely dusty you can swish gently in hot dishwater, rinse, and let air dry.